Creditor Harassment (FDCPA)

​Some debt collectors cross the line from debt collection into harassment, in violation of the law. Among other things, it is illegal for debt collectors to call you after 8 p.m., or at work, or even on your cell phone. We can stop the harassing phone calls and sometimes even collect damages.

​​Credit Reports (FCRA)

Credit scores are becoming increasingly important. A low score means you will pay more for credit and can even stop you from getting certain jobs. If a creditor continues to report false information, you may be entitled to monetary damages.


​With the rise of consumerism, more and more products are available for purchase. However, not every product for sale is safe for use. If you have been injured physically or financially in the use of a product whether by prescription drugs, defective medical products, tools, machinery, toys, industrial equipment, flammable clothing, contaminated food, recreational vehicles, tires, or automobiles - we are here to assist you recover from your loss.